Year 9

Open Day

The Apollo Academy starts with an open day/evening at one of our sites; this would give both you and your parents/carers an insight into a fully operational body shop. Following on, if you are still interested in what you have seen, we would then like to arrange for you to come in for a 1-2-1 career development chat with your parents/carers, in order to gauge interest in what career opportunities you would like to explore.

Year 9 - Summer

Summer Taster Week

We would like to invite you to our taster week, which shall take place during the summer holidays. Here we can tailor a work experience to your requirements, giving you the opportunity to work within a department of your preference. At the end of the taster week we shall then invite you and your parents/carers to have a review with our management team, to discuss what you have particularly enjoyed and where you may wish to pursue your career and enrol to the next stage of the program.

Year 10

One to One Interview with Parents/Carers

We would like to invite you back in for a second career development chat with a member of our management team, to discuss with you the career opportunities and apprenticeship schemes we can offer here at Apollo.

Year 10

Two-Week Work Internship

In year 10 we would like to invite you back for a 2-week work internship in your chosen field. We can also offer a rotational option where you can complete two different 1 week's experience between 2 different departments. At the end of the 2 weeks, we will then hold a progress review with you and your parents/carers to discuss how your work placement has gone.

Year 11

Final Interview

This is the final stage of the program where only the most promising individuals will reach. At this stage, we will hold a meeting with both our group and site manager, should your interview prove successful, we will then give you a conditional job offer for one of our apprenticeship schemes to start once you finish school, providing you achieve our apprenticeship entry requirements.