Peace of mind your Cupra is still a Cupra.

Should your Cupra vehicle be damaged in a collision, we want to help ensure your vehicle meets not only our high standards, but your standards as well.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and should your Cupra be damaged in anything from a heavy collision to a minor bump, you can rest assure your vehicle is in capable hands at Apollo as a Cupra Authorised Repair Centre. Apollo uses only Cupra original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are backed by the Cupra Manufacturer Vehicle Warranty. Furthermore, all Apollo technicians undergo extensive training in the proper use of Cupra factory-approved repair equipment, tools and technologies to ensure your repair meets Cupra's exact standards.

The repairs to your vehicle are backed by the Cupra Repair Authenticity Guarantee to give you peace of mind that your car was repaired to the Cupra standards. Your Repair Authenticity Guarantee, as well as a CEM Customer Survey, will be sent to you by email soon after the repairs are completed.

Your Cupra was built to incredibly high standards, therefore, an equally high level of collision repair service, like you'll find at Apollo, is required to restore your vehicle to original factory-specifications.