What is my policy excess and when do I have to pay it?

The policy excess is the contribution you have agreed with your insurance company to pay towards the repair. Your insurance company will advise us how much your excess is. Your excess can be paid at any time during the repair process, if it is not paid when your vehicle is booked in, then it can be paid when your vehicle is returned.

Will I be entitled to a courtesy car?

This is dependent on your insurance policy entitlement, however, in most cases a courtesy car can be provided.

Who insures the courtesy car?

In most cases your insurance cover is automatically transferred to the courtesy car. However, if this is not the case we will endeavor to provide a solution.

How long will the repairs take?

The length of repair can vary depending on various aspects, i.e. severity of repair, authority from the insurance company. When your vehicle is booked in for repair we will discuss this with you and give you an indication of how long the repairs will take.

How can I be sure of the quality of repair?

At Apollo we are so confident about the quality of our workmanship that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee. In addition, our sites are accredited with BS10125 which is a British standard. This is a guarantee of quality of workmanship and peace of mind that all repairs are carried out to the manufacturer's standard. In addition, many of our sites carry vehicle manufacturer approval.

Will my vehicle be valeted before it is returned?

No, your car will be cleaned externally and internally but a full valet will not be carried out.

My car has other damage not relating to the accident, can this be repaired at the same time?

Yes, as the vehicle is already booked into our repair centre it would be logical to have any other dents or scratches repaired at the same time. Please ask our vehicle damage assessors who will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.

Do I have to pay for collection and delivery of my vehicle?

In most cases we provide a free of charge collection and delivery service as detailed in your insurance policy schedule.

What happens if my car cannot be repaired?

Occasionally insurance companies will deem a vehicle Beyond Economical Repair. This means that the cost of repairs outweigh the value of the vehicle. On these occasions the insurance company handling your claim will contact you and advise how to proceed.